What Could Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Do for your Business

Before we dive into the question “what could IaaS do for your business”, let’s understand what Iaas is.

What is Infrastructure as a Business?

IaaS is one of the three principal divisions of cloud computing technology.

It is alongside with three more services:

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)


You can access the cloud through:

Public cloud – a set of hardware, storage and service provided by a third party. It can be used by anyone, company or individual.

Private cloud – a set of hardware, storage and service provided by your own company. Only your employees can access and use it.

Hybrid cloud environment – the company combines both services to make a united and well-managed environment. This is where IaaS belong.

Whether public, private, or hybrid, a good cloud service provides elasticity (flexible enough to accommodate demands), scalability (capable enough to be used), and provisioning (sufficient on what’s needed).


All of these services help change the way we work.

Back then, you had your desktop connected to the main server at the back room.

Every software or application that you need is in a disc, another disc for back up software and a load of back up tapes for all your important files.

Today with the cloud things changed dramatically.


IaaS is what’s replacing the main server you once had in your office or back room.

You are now “renting” computer hardware.

It means you no longer need to store discs, tape files and backups.

You won’t be needing the IT guy whenever you want a program installed on another computer.

As long as you have an internet connection, any computer or mobile device can access your system or program.


Here comes the question, what will IaaS do for my business.

IaaS benefits:

  • No need to buy central server hardware – hardware is maintained by the cloud service provider
  • Payment will depend on how much space you will use only – mostly through subscription, and you can stop anytime you want
  • User-friendly – like what we mentioned earlier, the cloud can be accessed by anyone (as long as they have the access) at the same time
  • No matter where the location is it can be accessed, you just need an active internet connection – you are not bound by office walls nor office hours anymore
  • Safe, secure and reliable – most IaaS providers are mega-corporations protected by tight security round the clock


Examples of IaaS providers:

  • Amazon AWS
  • Digital Ocean
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Rackspace Open Cloud
  • HP Enterprise


In conclusion, IaaS is the most familiar to corporate IT people. IaaS takes away simple repetitive tasks in data centres. However, these tasks are still too complex and specialised for non-technical employees like the second-grade homeroom teacher who needs it.

We can say IaaS favours IT administrators above anyone else because it removed:

  • Building data centres
  • physical networking
  • Racking and stacking compute and storage
  • Operations for all of the above
  • Procurement cycles

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