French Country Home Design Ideas

When you imagine French countryside, we think of the homes, luscious fields and sunny weather. Maybe some beautiful violin music like Pachelbel’s Canon can be heard in one of those homes along the road.

French country’s description is aesthetically appealing and beautiful yet imperfect perfection. Many people today may seem to look at this design as too ornate or overly decorated. However, this should not be the case, French design is the epitome of simplicity and elegance, and after all, it’s the mother of rustic designs.

This post is for you if you’re one to embrace French Country Home Design. The style will fit both country houses or elegant, old chateaux, or an apartment in the middle of Manhattan.



The materials fused to bring an eye-catching appearance comprises mostly of bricks, stone walls and floors. Raw wood is evident on ceilings, high beams and timbers.

Most home builders today incorporate wooden elements, and irregular plastered walls on french country themed houses or rooms.

The floors are of stone, clay, brick or traditional wooden boards that emit charming and old times.

Window sills that can hold tall, narrow windows are quite picturesque in french country style. Sills are usually adorned with flowers or grass or can even be used as a seat whenever anyone feels like it.



French country embraces colour. White, light coloured paints are seen on walls and accented with darker hues. Accents are a huge deal to this style.

Include painting of any sort and rusted metal furniture.

Lighting fixtures should bring out soft, elegant colours of yellow and painted with gold or muted grey paints.

French interior pieces are of contrasting colours and textures. Olive greens and moss greens, soft blue tones and reds, burnt rust or orange are always seen on designs and patterns of fabrics.

Lavender fields and a burst of bright sunshine always improves any mood when you look outside the windows. We suggest that you do the same with your decor, choose things that will lift your mood instantly.



French country is a balance between rustic and class.

Exceptional gilding, moulding and panelling create beauty while soft rugs, feathery pillows and cotton carpets fill us with comfort.

Fabrics abound in french interiors.

Traditional materials are in combination with plaids, checks, and stripes. The so-called Provencal prints combine shades of bright orange, lavender, or green.

If you want to include traditional motif, use animals such as rooster or beetles or plants such as olive, sunflower, lavender, and grapes. It is typically used in textile products like curtains and tablecloth.



A stone fireplace is a must for french country design. It is made of stone, clay or brick and herbs, copper pots, and iron accessory pieces hang on the side walls.

French country furniture brings out the curves. Wooden chairs will usually have a cushion to give a cozy feeling. The colour is leaning toward lighter shades such as white and accented with gold, blue or black. Many a time, you may see woven chairs or carved tables with matching chair set.

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