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Curtain Trends for 2020

When you are too busy with revamping your home décor, there is one thing that you usually forget or take for granted. You focus most of your attention on the furniture pieces and color schemes but how about the curtains? Did you think about it or do you just brush it off as a last minute thought?

Well, this shouldn’t be the case. Curtains play an important and sometimes a big role in your overall décor. This 2020, the following curtain trends are expected to be a sure-fire hit among homeowners and curtain aficionados. Then check our stores in https://blindswholesale.com.au.

Never Go Wrong with Neutral Tones

If you are not an adventurous type, don’t worry because neutral tones will remain to be a staple trend this 2020. Soft tones can make your space feel calm and allow more natural light at the same time.

The Comeback of Whites

White never goes out of style that makes this an ideal color of choice as far as home interior is concerned. White curtains can tie different things together and give the room a better sense of balance.

Improve Room Dimension with Patterned Curtains

If your goal is to make your windows the main focus of your room, patterned curtains will help you achieve just that. You can go for vintage, floral ensemble, or symmetrical patterns.

Black is Now a Thing

For a darker touch, black curtains work well with today’s ever popular trend of interior monochrome. Black can help add real dimension to your room and make it feel cozier and darker, especially at night.

Keep Calm with Lilac

Lilac is the best curtain trend this 2020 for those looking for a calming and feminine color. Whether this comes in a pattern or you stick with a flat tone, lilac can work well in most spaces.

Stay Trendy with Gray

The 50 shades of gray or so won’t go away any time in the future that is why it is not a surprise that it remains to be a popular choice for curtain colors.

Freshen Up with Green

Green curtains are great additions as decorative elements around your home, particularly in the bedroom. This can make your rooms look fresher than ever.

Mix Curtains and Blinds in One Room

Curtain trends for 2020 also include the use of two different kinds of curtain. You can use curtains and blinds at the same time. Let the blinds serve their function and add curtains to dress up your window area for display purposes.

Make Things Better with Two Curtains

To add some drama to a room, like your living area or bedroom, why not hang two curtains? There are different ways to do this. You can use two colors or go for a neutral tone and combine it with bright colors.

Go Japanese with Your Curtain Design

With Japanese culture now having a big influence all over the world, this list of curtain trends for 2020 will never be complete without mentioning the Japanese curtain design also known as panel curtains.

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