Bullbar and Other Accessory for Your Ford Ranger

Dubbed as one of the best selling vehicles in Australia, the Ford Ranger’s popularity paved the way to the rise of many accessories for it including aftermarket and factory options.

Just like other add-ons, accessories for Ford Range include those that offer real value for adventures like the bullbar to those meant only to capture the attention of onlookers.

Here are some of the best accessories you can get for your Ford Ranger.


Australian drivers know all too well that animal strikes can happen anywhere and anytime. This is why it is important for you to keep yourself and your family protected every time you are on the road. A bullbar, whatever material it is made of, offers more protection to the occupants of a vehicle than what they would experience if there is no frontal protection installed on the vehicle.

Nudge Bar

The name of the nudge bar pretty much describes its purpose. This has been engineered and designed in such a way that it takes the impact of the nudge or minor collision instead of providing the kind of heavy-duty frontal protection that a bullbar can offer. Drivers who love to touch-park will surely appreciate the use of a quality nudge bar.


A canopy can render security and cover for your Ford Ranger and whatever might be in its tray, whether you got some camping gear there for your next weekend escapade or some working tools for your upcoming project.

Sports Bar

Sports bars often receive a bad rap but many pickup truck owners consider these usually criticized metal bits can come in handy for carting pipes, wood, and other types of long materials. These can also serve as the mounting point for those forward-facing lights or the work light illuminating the tray. However, don’t forget to check the laws in your state before positing any lights on the sports bar to ensure that it is allowed and legal. There are also people who think of a sports bar to be cool-looking.


The snorkel can raise the point wherein the engine of your vehicle absorbs the air, thus protecting your engine from taking in water when crossing creeks or harmful dust during your dirt track drives.

Ladder Rack

The ladder rack offers more flexibility in packing for play or work. This lets you securely carry up long items and get them out of the way to free up some valuable space for cargo in your tray.


High-quality drawers can help you safely store your camping gear, tools, and other stuff while leaving enough room above them for the rest of your equipment. A drawer system slides in and out on the rails and is also lockable.


It doesn’t matter if you are after off-road suitability or you just want to show off when you got the chance because rims are known for their exceptional versatility. Take note that if the wheel rim is bigger and the profile of tyres is lower, the wheel and tyre combination will also be less appropriate for any off-roading.

The bullbar and the rest of the accessories are guaranteed to make your Ford Ranger functional and attention-grabbing at the same time.

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